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Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #53: Say it with me...Chikungunya it's more fun to say than experience


     Well I must say I don't really think I like being sick. but I guess If I started my first year in Guatemala being sick it is only logical that I would start the second year in the same way. On the plate this week was the lovely plague of chikungunya, it is all the rage here and very trendy... but I can at least count my blessings knowing that I don't have pillory or amebas like some of the other missionaries in the Zone.
        This week was filled with alot of overcoming of the sickness kind of stories. I remember the days back home when I didn't want to go to school or to whatever activity that it was, I would just "be sick". Being sick kinda has a whole knew meaning to it now and that whole "staying home" part really doesn't interest me nor apply here.  The show must go on. Being sick now is something that just makes the normal activities hard and the hard activities all the harder. Being sick means having to lose time to get back to normal. There have been days this week were I was in the shower for a good 20-30 mins just sitting under the water to drop my temperature. (fyi back home a 20-30min shower is normal because there is that whole warm water luxury here we bath in freezing cold water so 5-10 mins is a long shower 20-30 well you can do the math)
       But at the same time all of this was happening we had one of my favorite lessons in the mission. We went over to visit one of the recent converts of the ward who had fallen pretty ill herself. Once over there I would not have know that this little girl was even sick. She was climbing the trees like a monkey swinging and jumping from tree to tree throwing us down rambutan and other fruits as she went.  When she finally came down so we could talk to her we had a full meal in front of us of pure fruit from the trees. When we finished eating we went over to talk to a neighbor with a member named Jose. At this lesson we we started teaching a lady and two of her little kids. But we started the lesson with a hymn and slowly but surely a family of nine scrambled out of their little nooks and crannies in the house and made their way over to listen to what we had to say. All of them except the father of the family. Though as we began to teach, he started to hover around within earshot ever so slowly he come closer and closer to us, until finally by the end of the lesson, as we began to teach the first vision he was there sitting in on the lesson and beaming at us like the rest of his family. As we finished the lesson he began to speak saying that the things we said are good and are of God but that we cannot really think that there is a true church of God here on the earth today. He began to say that there are so many churches and all of them do good in teaching people of God but that all of them were flawed and that none of them could be the true church. At that moment feeling one of the strongest impressions of the spirit we simply bore our testimonies of what we knew to be true feeling completely guided in what we needed to say and by the end of our testimonies no one could say anything. It was one of those moments where nothing really can be said. I dont know what is going to happen with them but I do know that I am excited to see.
       This week has been good and as always we are looking forward to what the next week will bring. Changes are coming and with school ending back in the states I would assume that a lot of new gringos will be coming into the mission soon. At anyrate I feel better now and hope that this time it will actually be true. Being sick used to be fun but now it just kind of sucks.

Anyways love you all and see yall next week.

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