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Monday, June 15, 2015

Week #51: Rain, contacting and more rain...

This week has been a very wet week.  We had some rather fun divisions over in Compromiso. We went crazy, with a competition going on in the week to see what zone can find the most new investigators in the mission.   We also had a good eight or so interviews to time was a little limited and we had to become a little creative in order to do contacts. We tried it all; from bathroom contacting to asking for water, to playing soccer. At one point we were even walking down the street and I heard Minecraft music coming from one of the houses and we used that to get into a house and teach a lesson to the family. There are a lot of fun ways to contact people when you put your mind to it. As a zone I would say we did well finding some 137 new investigators, coming in second place by only a few. We will just have to do a little better this next week.
    There was one day this week where we were a in a lesson and the zone leaders called us to ask if we could come and do an interview which normally isn't a big deal, but there was a giant rain storm going on outside and flooding on just about every road/street. Everything was soaked, including us after only a minutes running through it. We took a bus over to the plaza got out and walked to the next terminal, becoming drenched to the bone,  but it didn't end there.  The only bus in sight was already full and we were already hanging on to the side of the bus during a vicious rainstorm, we finally made it down to the interview. We felt like we had been swimming more than walking for the last four hours.  Thus, as you can imagine I am kinda sick now and feel more like I am rambling that writing a good weekly report of activities.
     Rather than go on I think I'll just end it here for the week.  My mind is just a little out of sorts today, but with some extra sleep I will be right as rain (haha get it!! wait you don't get it you are in California with a drought!!).

All is well, the mission is awesome and we are doing some amazing work here in Mazatenango.

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