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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Final Week...

Well family and friends, as much as I don't like cliche's, I have to say that this has been the best two years of my life (so far).   I have learned so much about life, love, faith, charity and the life-changing miracles that come from following the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shortly now, almost to be measured in hours instead of days, I will be returning home.  I hope that I can take with me these lessons I have learned and continue to serve others throughout my life, standing firm, standing tall and being an example to those around me.

I love the people of Guatemala and I will always hold a special place for them in my heart.

Spencer W. Kimball once said, "My life is like my shoes, worn out by service."   While I can't compare my life to the life of President Kimball, I hope I can continue to serve HIM with all my heart, might, mind and strength, so that I may stand blameless....and help a few others along the way.

See you soon!

Elder TD Wilcox