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Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #52: A river, a rat and Father's Day!

It has been a good week. I am still a bit under the weather and have a horribly annoying cough but at least I can think more or less at this point.  Things have really been going well this week.
    Life here in this area is seriously different. One challenge is this rat problem.... we can't keep food anywhere that the rat can get to and so for the last little while we have resorted to putting all of the food on top of the fridge and putting the fridge away from walls. It was working for a time until we came home one day and looked on top of the fridge to find holes in all of the bags and a nice big mound of mouse chocolate (not really chocolate) in the center of it all.  You won't believe all that it ate, it is now; 1) Extremely fat or 2 is giant... Long story short the quest "kill the rat is still on".
     This week, much like the last, we were going crazy finding new people to teach in the Zone. If we met our district goal we would be given the chance to go to the temple with President Ruiz next week. Not only did we meet it but we also passed it. We are doing some pretty great stuff.
     I got to know some pretty amazing people this week. One is an investigator in the area of Hermanas Haws and Jimenez. This amazing 11 year old girl is actually a professional swimmer who is competing all around the world holding titles and records and has done all sorts of amazing stuff. I personally have a hard time believing that she is only 11 and an even harder time realizing just how lazy the rest of us are. If she can do all of this stuff at the age of 11 what are all of us really capable of doing? Anyways this amazingly pilas little lady will be getting baptised soon and it has been a pleasure getting to know her.
     I guess I feel kinda weird at this point in the mission. Things that once felt so amazing and extraordinary have now become something that is just an everyday kinda thing. Its not to say that they are still not amazing things but what was once so different has now become the norm, and what was once the norm as now become so different. Even within the realm of father's day. The once norm of sneaking pie out to eat with Brother Raleigh on Sundays is now something very weird come to think about it I haven't even seen a pie in months... I dont know if I have ever seen a pie here in the mission. But like I think I can understand why it can be difficult for people when they come back home after the mission. We are in a completely different kind of world here.
     This week we have been working alot with two different missionaries that have returned from their missions in the last little while. Its pretty easy to see that they are adapting to the change and it helps us out because they want to go out and do splits with us not only because of the desire to go out (which they have) but more so that they have forgotten how to do anything else, and it comes naturally!  Oh that we can all feel this and remember that always.
    Other news for the week:

We had a really cool baptism in a river!

I think I have developed allergies to citrus...

This is an attack chicken, they should not be taken lightly...

We just got back from eating at Irtra( a really fancy hotel place) with President Ruiz. Elder Goodman has emergency changes and will probably be the ZL of some zone now. Last but not least we might just might be going to the temple.

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