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Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #12: Independance Day and upcoming transfers?

Greetings from Guatemala!  (That has a nice ring to it doesn't it!!)  La Verde area is nice and green - with field white ready to harvest.  We have 2 baptisms lined up for Saturday and another 2 possibilities for later in the month.  However, Elder Goodman may be transferred tomorrow and who knows what will be in store with a new companion.  He has been great - taught me a lot, and although I don't want him to get a transfer, he has been in this area a while.  But it will all work out either way!

In our branch there isn't really too much gusto in the YM/YW department.  When Elder Goodman came to the verde some 5-6 months ago he worked hard to help in this area...they started up a soccer activity every wednesday night.  The purpose was to help build up some relationships with some of the kiddos in the area and to find new people to teach in a way that is a bit different than the norm.  It works and we usually have about 6 or 7 new people to teach at the end of soccer night. This weeks soccer night was pretty awesome.  It was fun to tackle (that's a soccer tackle Dad, not a football tackle - maybe you can google a video on the internet on Soccer and tackling) the other players in the rain and mud as we played futbol.

We had another activity this week as well with the youth. It was a burger night more or less and it was pretty fun to make some burgers again. I even had the chance to make a Jucy Lucy Burger (feel free to explain this) which pretty much made my week.  It is those small diversions that can keep you going.

This week we also had the last of the new missionary meetings.  It went by pretty slow, but as usually happens, I ended up leaving the meeting glad I went, having learned quite a bit in the role-playing and the nice happy stomach full of cake and Burger King didn't hurt.

The joy was short lived though. As we were getting ready to leave we received a call a family that we are teaching.  The wife had gone been in the hospital to give birth to twins one of them didn't make it and she was not doing to well either.   This family is good friends with a member in the ward that has just lost his 4 month old son last month.   We went over the home of the family and he asked if we could go with him to the hospital the following day.

The next day at the hospital we started to look all over for his wife but we could not find her. All the time there was another member there in the hospital asking if we could help him give a blessing. Of course we said that we would but after we had found J's wife and helped her. We went on searching the hospital for the next 10 mins to no avail.  We then saw the member again and he asked us who are you looking for?  As we told him he smiled and said that the person we were searching for and the person he needed help giving a blessing to were one and the same. Apparently he had been calling people all morning from his ward to come and help him but no one could and then as he finished his last call we showed up. The situation was simply perfect and is was just another testament that we are merely instruments of the Lord for these 2 years.

Independence day here is today the 15th of September and celebrated by a series of parades performed by all of the kids of the schools.   The sad part is that these events were partially on yesterday (Sunday).  Throughout the week we visited all of the members who attend normally asking them if they were going to church this Sunday.  Most, save a few, were not and the pickup truck this week was quite roomy.  The President knowing it would be difficult this week offered up a reward of a special Family Home Evening to the zone who has the most investigators in Sacrament Meeting. We didn't end up winning and really weren't even in the running since our zone is so close to the center of all the activities but the incentive was enough to get us contacting old investigators, and pretty much anyone that would hear us as we tried to get anyone we could to church.  We didn't end up winning the family home evening night with President Ruiz but we will still be celebrating Elder goodmans Birthday with several families and with alot of cakes tonight!

I love you all and let me sign-off until next week answering a couple of your questions. (yes only two it's a holiday here you see - your are lucky you get 2 of your questions answered...)

Question: Have you seen any monkeys?

-No, there are not any monkeys in my area unless you count some of the drunks who try and climb the trees.

Question: What are you meals like? What do they consist of?

-Most meals are very simple, think beans and eggs - especially if we make them ourselves.  Many times we will go to a near tienda where for 3 quetz you can eat like a king.  Of course when we eat with families there is a wide variety, for example look at this scrumptious mountain rabbit - it was buen rico y de salud fue como beef jerky!

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