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Monday, September 8, 2014

Week #11: Goals, Xetulul, and Service

Elder goodman and I have been hard at work though most of which is the simple norms of the missionary life. We served, we taught, we preached, we contacted, we walked, and even walked some more and maybe even walked just a little bit more.

Mom, to resolve any worries of last week I am completely healthy once more and simply had my first of what will probably be many bouts of Guatemala sickness.  I have climbed over that mountain and can look forward to the next, as "all these things shall give thee experience" - the always the experience you are looking for, but oh yes, an experience for sure.

Last weeks p-day was actually cut short. We received a phone call saying that we weren't really going to have a regular p-day - we were only to write home and do some of the normal work of the day. You see last month we had reached the mission goal for the month.   As a reward for reaching and exceeding the goal, we all got to go to Xetulul on Thursday.  

We met as a zone over at the terminal for the buses taxis and tuk tuks.  This isn't like a bus or train terminal that you may be picturing in your mind at the moment.  It is a giant farmers market kinda thing with a couple of larger streets where the buses and taxis wait. Once we were all on we left for Xetulul.  It is only around 30 min drive from there so it wasn't too bad of a trip.  For those of you who don't know what Xetulul is, I would encourage you to Google it [Editor's Note:  Let me Google that for you.], and for those of you who don't Google, it is kinda of like Six Flags on a much smaller scale, with only one roller coaster and several other very small rides. However for the price of 10 quetz (a little more than a dollar) who's complaining! Overall it was really fun. Normally when one goes to amusement parks you have to wait hours on end for rides,food or anything.  Here the only waiting was done by the people operating the rides.  Pretty nice reversal if you ask me.  There were several great moments here and it was a nice change to the normal Pday Activities.  We even had some Ice Cream while there - my first ice cream in a long time!

I learn more and more  each day about service and the beautiful ways it helps out the lives of people.  We do a lot of service on the mission, some days we chop wood, other days we cut the grass with machetes, (don't freak out mom), sometimes we draw bucket after bucket from a well.  All of these are forms of service and for the most part we do all of these to serve the people here, however sometimes we have the opportunity to serve our fellow missionaries in the field.  This week we did just that and turned our focus towards the hermanas of our district.  Throughout the week we went into the areas of the hermana companionships and helped them with whatever they wanted for the afternoon.  Sometimes we went contacting to find new people for them to teach and other times we went with them to visit some of their progressing investigators.  However everytime we helped them out anyway we could and it really ended up being a morale boost to us.  At some point in this week I actually felt as though we might have neglected our area a bit but I realized later on that the Lords work is the Lords work and it doesn't matter what area we are in - so long as those who have been prepared are receiving the blessings of the gospel.  

We also visited a lot of the the recent converts this week.  We know that it is important to visit these individuals and help them to continue to progress and build on their testimonies.   In one of these visits we found out one of the recent converts had started to drink again so we did what we could to help him to stop drinking again.  Moments like those make me realize just how important it is to visit them, continue to teach, edify and inspire to be better and better each day.  This is where the perfecting the saints comes into play, and we all must do each and every day in our lives no matter who we are.

Friends and family, don't be afraid to help others even at the inconvenience of yourself.  No matter how small the service is, the Lord knows what truly needs to happen and will bless you as you do his will in the way that only he can.

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