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Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #97: San Lorenzo the beds arrive...

The View!

Being up here in the mountains is such a different experience than on the coast.  One of the biggest changes is the cold....there is nothing better than the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night to go outside to the bathroom and sitting down on the icy throne, or getting out of the luke-warm shower only to be hit by the embrace of the chilly mountain air. These things a but a small price to pay, for the beauty and majesty of the mountains in Guate.
This week we have had to newly find our feet.  I hate to say it, but the time we spent in the office, driving around to every little place has spoiled us, and finding out feet this week has been a little bit of a journey.  Way back in the  Rio Blanco days walking hours upon hours up and over mountains was something easy, and not a problem.  Now, however, it is something slapping us right in the face. But we are adapting, and I am sure a few more long days walking here and there will get us back in the shape that we need to be.

As this is a new area, new house, etc. for the last week we have been sleeping on cots and for those of you who have ever had to do so you know the back pain that comes with it. However, luck and a great blessing in the form of the "mother of the mission" was on our side. You see, San Lorenzo has been  President Ruiz´s little project for the longest of times.  He has always had a love for Rio Blanco and Serchil (and I guess rightly so considering that they are districts of the mission). On Friday, he and his wife came up to go over the plans for the area.  Hermana Ruiz rained down love to us and scorn to others who have not been on the ball in bringing beds and stuff to the area. One simply has to love the "mother of the mission"!
    As of right now we are still scrabbling around, at least just a wee bit.  President told us that we need to find a meeting house and all the necessities that go with that.   And most importantly to start to go with all of the members and less-actives who are in the area so we can get a nice group going and officially open up a new rama (branch).
    As we have made the rounds this week and really gotten to know the members that are here in San Lorenzo I have come to realize how important each and every one of them are, in our Heavenly Father's eyes. That one of the most important things that we can do as missionaries is to help create a strong group that will not only be strong in doctrine, teaching and administration of church matters, but also in ministering, service and love and charity to old and new people as they come. Being here starting from the base, has turned my head a little and made me think more about those who have partaken of the fruit and have fallen away, those who just need that little pull (or push) to come back into the light.   Or maybe, just maybe as the parable goes, the lost sheep needs to be carried with love back to the flock.

I wonder how many times I will forget to duck in the next couple of months?!
Crouch and shower beats bucket showers any day of the week!

The Road Well Traveled...daily!

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