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Monday, October 5, 2015

Week #67: Getting the band back together!

    The life in the mission is filled with surprises and well as far as these last changes/transfers are concerned. Each transfer, only those who have changes and the zone leaders go to the change meetings.   For those of us, that remain behind, this means we have no idea who is coming our way until they are at our door.  This transfer Elder Tufuga had changes and I was left behind in Magnolia to see who would become my new companion.   In the morning, another missionary and I went out contacting and then headed over to the market to grab a quick snack and then head over to the church. The moment we sit down to enjoy the chips and salsa we bought the bus arrived and all of us watched attentively (and tentatively) as everyone got off the bus.   We were just thinking, well not him, not him, not her of course.  Oddly enough, I got through all of the people and was thinking to myself...who is my companion. Then Elder Hala jumps out with his new greeny and says,  "Elder Wilcox!  Elder Kecks your comp!"  I was like no way!!  We are from the same CCM group and I thought it was a joke.  Now I know it's not a joke and we are having a great time, working hard, real hard, but having a great time finding much joy in the journey!  I guess we are getting the CCM band back together.
    We have been doing a lot this week; including changing houses after two guys were murdered outside of our house and are even going to the gym and eating healthy and...just being your average everyday superheros errr  missionaries... woops could have sworn I put missionaries....
    The other day we went back down to that part in our area called Silencio.  This time we went with a member, and we went on a search for the man with the goats.   Thats not his name or anything but she couldn't remember it, so that is how we began our quest looking for "the man with the goats".   We did end up finding him, but he told us to talk to another man, the man with the red truck. Yes, the man with the goats took us to the fireman.  This fireman is actually a member and has been for a long while.  He has just been very very less active.  However he has quite the family and none of them are members of the church.   Although they didn't show up to conference I think we still might have just found a golden family.
     Conference was absolutely amazing!  We set the record as a zone for investigadores entro de la conferencia.  But that wasn't really why it was amazing.  Something seemed so different this time. I dont know if I am just getting older and understand more of it now or if I am better prepared, with questions in my heart that need answering, but what but it was super cool this time and I can't wait to study and ponder (even ponderize) the words of the prophets and apostles.
    Life is good, the mission is wonderful, the gospel brings joy and the church is true!  Sorry I don't have pictures I left my camera in my other bag.  There will be some good ones next week.

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