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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week #34: Changes, matrimony, service and ripped pants

This was a great little week full of changes matrimony and service. Well that and ripped pants....
          So there have been a lot of changes going on over here in the last week. Stuff like emergency changes, interviews with the mission president, painting houses, going over to the church building at 5am in the morning to set up a wedding, and good news from my last area.
          I guess we will start out with the emergency changes. Thursday morning my comp Elder Quispe and Elder Roman were sick as many are right now with all of the crazy temperature changes. With them being sick Elder Flores and I left the house in the morning together to go and prestar servicio to one of the hermanas in the rama, that is going to be married on Sunday. We were thinking with all that is going on helping her out in whatever little way that we can, would take a little bit of the stress off of her back. When we got to her house they were about to start painting and so for the next few hours we very, VERY carefully painted without getting a single drop of paint onto our white shirts or pants. As we were finishing up Elder Roman called from the house telling us that when we were done we need to get back to the house as soon as possible.  It turns out, moments before President Ruiz had called him and told him that he has changes and that we all need to get down to San Pedro by 5:00pm. Several scrambling moments later we managed to catch a ride down and get to the house of the zone leaders.  I guess mormon standard time applies here as well because the ride didn't end up getting there until about 7:30 or so.
    And so without further adieu I give you Elder Sevilla as the new member of the icy mountains family. He is a pretty cool guy from Honduras, and was actually companions with Elder Cook from my group just before coming here.
   On Friday we had interviews with president which is always a fun little activity and it is always fun to watch those who get nervous, be nervous as they wait for their turn. One of the cool parts of interviews is the lessons that accompany them. As we wait our turn, the leaders put on a kind of workshop.  I don't know if it is my, but as I am learning any kind of lesson in a workshop, devotional, district meeting or other, I seem to always re-think the lesson and put them into terms of football. And that is Football and not FĂștbol.  It always makes things a little clearer and a little simpler to understand. My interview with President was cool, we talked about our area and about the people we are teaching and all that accompany them. He said that I will for sure have at least have one more change over here in Maclen, Rio Blanco and maybe even more in one of the new areas nearby that will be opening up soon. I think I would be pretty cool to have a good chunk of my mission up here in the mountains I like it here.
          I like it here so much that I am even willing to do crazy thinks like get up at 4:30 to get over to the church and set up a wedding for some 400 people in attendance (wow now that is a lot of references). We did everything from setting up the chairs, the tent, climb trees for the anchor lines, decorations, and even blowing up some 200 balloons. You could say it was a little bit of a crazy morning. But the wedding went awesome and we had the chance to talk to a lot of people and lighten the burdens of many others.  They had seven wedding cakes so it was worth it.
         And to put a cherry on the top of the week Elder Garcia told me that the papers for some of the people we were teaching in my last area had gone through and they can finally be married and baptised! The luck with the papers didn't stop there as the following day at church we were talking to another family that we are teaching and the papers for them went through as well and so they to can finally be married and Baptised.
        It was a wonderful week!  Sorry I don't have any pictures, I just hope that the package with the new camera will get here sooner or later..missing out on a lot of opportunities for photos.  

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