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Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #29: Only a few words...

[Editor's note: We received a short archaic email from Elder Wilcox today...not sure if there is an activity they are doing in the zone or what.  I guess this happens from time to time.  There were a few pictures that he sent as well.  We believe all to be well...well except for that camera.]

This week time is cut a little short and of course it is one of those weeks that I have a lot to talk about. A lot has happened but I guess at this point I will pull a Third Nephi and say:
And there had many things transpired which, in the eyes of some, would be great and marvelous; nevertheless, they cannot all be written in this book; yea, this book cannot contain even a hundredth part of what was done among so many people...
Until next week, I love you!

P.S.  My camera was stolen.

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