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Monday, November 10, 2014

Week #20: 5K Race, los jovenes and packages

This week has been awesome! Most of this week we have really been hitting up all of the people we have been teaching and have been teaching them all left and right.

There was a lot of of exercise this week... I don't know if they put it on the mission Facebook page yet but we had a 5k race in our area.   It was from the entrance to our area all the way down to the chapel in La Verde.  It was a blast, but sadly do not have any pictures of it.  It is a shame too since I dressed up ever so nicely as a cowboy.   A cowboy complete with horse, although that horse didn't really help me to much in the race.

The day before we had done a bicycle trip with a member of the ward.  Best bicycle trip of my life, mostly due to the fact that Elder Garcia cannot ride a bike.  Ok I guess I shouldn't say that because he can ride a bike, the problem is starting and stopping. Within the course of an hour he had crashed four times one of which barely dodging an incoming Tuc tuc and slamming hard into one of the gates on the side of the road.  It was at that moment on in the trip I kept the camera at the ready.

We have been working a lot with the youth in the area.   There is one specific youth that is incredible!  He has already been working for several years and we have been teaching him for a while now.  He had been going to church for a long time but never really wanted to get baptised.  Last week he really started to want to listen and participate more intently and he started to act differently.   During one conversation he said something about water and fear and we asked him if the reason he didn't want to get baptized was because he was scared of water? He started to joke with us a little more and then told us in plain terms that he doesn't want to get baptised because he had been baptised as a young kid in an evangelical church and that it is a major sin to be baptised over again. It was a cool moment to see him finally open up to us in a way that he hasn't before and then my comp Elder Garcia pulled out every bible scripture known to man to affirm to him that this was the right way, that beforehand he had only been baptised by water and not by the spirit, that the Priesthood authority had not performed the ordinance and so his baptism was incomplete.  After we got our foot in the door with that we went on to explain Priesthood authority a little better and now after a few days of prayer he has said that he wants to be baptised on the 26th!

We are also working with all of these youth right now n mission papers (specifically the mini missionary paperwork since that chance is right around the corner) and doing weekly noche de hogars [Editor's Note: Family home evenings...I always have thought noche de hogar sounds much cooler] with all the youth to keep them all animated on inviting people to church and the little activities that we have. The youth here are amazing and might be the strongest limb of the branch truly working to keep the members strong and to bring others back. This week at the noche De hogar we talked about missionaries.

I asked them all:  "What am I right now?"
They: "a missionary!"
Me: "And whats going to happen at the end of these two years when I go back home?"
Me: "They are going to take this nametag from me and I will no longer be a full time missionary. But the key word in that last bit right there is FULL time missionary. Once this nametag is gone I am still a missionary just like all of you are right now the only difference is the todo tiempo parte de eso.
Now that I am here in the mission field I realize just how lazy I was back home about all of the missionary work.  I see all the opportunities I missed.  Don't make that mistake.  Invite! Teach! Share!  You may not think much of it now but in time you will and in time you will regret it if you do not.

Then we had smores! Yeah thats right Smores. With camp stoves made from cans of wax and cardboard.  We know how to do a NDH right!

Saturday all of the elders and hermanas in the zone helped out the hermanas of San Carlos to do a hawaiian dance for a branch talent show. It was actually really funny!  Just imagine several horribly "gifted"  Elders trying to move their hips and dance like the hawaiians! It was great...

Oh and this week one of our landlords put in a mosquito net door so I am now more or less completely safe from those horrible beasties and just in time too since Elder Garcia my companion may or may not have Dengue Fever. If it isn't one sick it's another.  Sick happens! and we go on and on and on!

Special shoutout this week to the Menifee Lakes YM\YW\Activity days groups for all the letters and/or packages that you sent!  You have succeeded in making me feel loved!!  The other elders\sisters in the zone are quite jealous and more than a few of them now think I have a lot of girls waiting for me back home! Nice work, I miss you all, I will write back but it will take a while, have a fun in The 'Fee.

5K Race Recovery Meal

5K Race outfits
Hawaiian dance talent show


"The look on his face said, 'Elder do not come closer!'"

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