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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week #2: Guatemala CCM Time Bubble

Time here at the CCM moves so slow by the day to the point of each day feeling as though it were a week, but at the same time when a week comes by it as if it has only been a day.  It is as if the CCM has some weird time bubble over it that makes it so time moves differently here. The way time moves in the work of the lord is quite amazing. 

Last week on Pday we were able to go the Cemaco which would be something like a mall back home. It was cool but we were extremely limited to what we were allowed to buy. Every other Pday vendors come to the CCM and we are allowed to go and buy some stuff from them. I had one of them make me some custom leather scripture cases that will have my name mission and pictures of Lehi's dream on the front and Captain Moroni on the back. 

This past week I had my first major spanish speaking error when teaching about baptism. I was talking about being cleaned from sin. the word for sin in spanish is pecado...not to be confused with the word pescado which means fish. I learned this the hard way and was pretty embarrassed afterwards. But all is well and the person I was teaching knew what I was saying anyways. 

There is so little time to write this week, this morning the first batch of missionaries that arrived with us left the CCM to their missions - this included all of the latinos that were in our rooms they left at around 3:00am and so instead of trying to fight to stay asleep we woke up and helped them bring their stuff down to the buses for their trips.  I've grown to love the latinos missionaries here.  They are so funny and they get so excited by the English they learn. Sometime last week they learned the word fart in english and they handled that with all of the grace of an 8 year old boy. One of the latinos who was in my room sounds like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars when he speaks in english-  it always made for a good little NOSTALGIC feeling and brought a lot of smiles to the North Americans. 

This week past Sunday we fasted for 24 hours and for many of the missionaries here, including myself it was the first time we had ever done a 24 hour fast. That day I learned one thing. When you are hungry you do not feel tired. so I guess if I ever start to feel to tired in the field I just won't eat for a while. 

There is so much that is cool here and I absolutely love the Spirit and the culture that we get to see every now and then. Today we are going to go to downtown Guatemala City (field trip! - hence the little time to write) and will be able to visit the shops. We will then go and look at some kinda map thing that is here. It is supposed to be the the size of 2 football fields and shows all of Guatemala. Following this we will be going to Wendys we are all really looking forward to this. This will be pretty cool and I hope to tell you all about it next week.

Lol, that is great about Carsten getting his mission call to Guatemala! Too bad we aren't in the same mission, but who knows maybe we will run into each other at some point...                                              

Tell people to write letters - over emails.  It would be cool if you would combine all the family emails to save some time on here so i can write more I gtg and dont forget to update the post on FB and stuff on the blog.  I am going to try to smuggle in some pics next week Tell Chase, Brooke and Ali to to write me through mail as it is much better instead of email its easier to respond to, as we only have a little time on the computer on Pday but more time to write letters, plus then you get to see all these cool stamps.  It takes, about a week to get mail from the US here and about the same to get back, so use the MTC address July 25th or so.  Lol, of course anyone else is free to write as well.

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